Delegate: Pr. Sy Duong-Quy

Affiliation: Vietnam Society of Sleep Medicine

Short Bio: Pr. Sy Duong-Quy is a Former President of Federation of South-East Asia of Sleep Medicine (FSSM) and a current Chair of Sleep Promotion of Asian Society of Sleep Medicine (ASSM). He is also a founder of Vietnam Society of Sleep Medicine (VSSM) which has been created in 2019. After 5 years (2019 – 2024), VSSM has established 10 different attached associations which have been based in different cities and provinces of Vietnam and jointed with different medical specialties, including Hanoi Association of Sleep Medicine, Northern Coast Region of Sleep Medicine, Thai Binh Association of Sleep Medicine, Center Region of Sleep Medicine, HCM City Association of Sleep Medicine, Mekong River Association of Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Association of Insomnia, Vietnam Association of Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Vietnam Jointed Association of Immuno-allergology and Sleep Medicine and Vietnam Jointed Association of Traditional Medicine and Sleep Medicine. From April to the end of 2024, there are 6 jointed associations will build-up, including Vietnam Jointed Association of Nursing and Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Jointed Association of Biomedicine and Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Jointed Association of Meditation and Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Jointed Association of Sound Therapy and Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Jointed Association of Respiratory Diseases and Sleep Medicine, Vietnam Jointed Association of Cardiology and Sleep Medicine.

Activity: In 2024, the Slogan of WSS is “Sleep Equity for Global Health” has a very important meaning for healthcare workers and health political makers to assure the sleep health for individual life and global community. To promote “Sleep equity” by making the equal opportunity to everyone for having the equal amount and quality of sleep and the physical and mental well-being, Vietnam Society of Sleep Medicine has organized a large scale of activities since the beginning of the year of 2024:
1- The national program of early diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in healthcare workers. In this project: 2,000 participants were enrolled by answering the screening questionnaires and 800 of them had the “Through-Drive Polygraphy at Night”. They had learn about using the polygraphy (Apnea Link Air – PSG Level 3) for doing the polygraphy at night by them-self at home.
2- The continuous training of healthcare workers and physicians within the basic knowledge of sleep medicine such as insomnia, OSA, and sleep hygiene. VSSM has also promoted the WSS slogan “Sleep Equity for Global Health” in different national medical conferences and congress.
3- The Leaders of VSSM and its members had introduced sleep medicine to the medical university for teaching post graduation physicians. Some national universities have had the opportunity to share with their student about sleep science and knowledge via the expert talk shows.
4- VSSM has submitted the request to the Vietnamese government (Vice-Primer Minister in Charge and Minister of Health) for having “Vietnam Sleep Day” in the middle of March each year.
5- Jointing with other structures to organize the conferences on “The role of sleep medicine in sport” and “Sleep Medicine in Primary Care”.

Location: HoChiMinh city, Mekong River Region, Lam Dong province, Hanoi, Hai Phong city, Quang Ninh city, Da Nang city, Dalat city, Lao Cai province

Date of Activity: 05 February 2024; 28 February 2024; 15 March 2024; 22 March 2024; 25 March 2024; 29 March 2024; 31 March 2024

Submitted by: Pr. Sy Duong-Quy


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